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A Home Is Not a House

Times were tough
In our part of town
Wherever we went to
People puttin’ us down

You wanted a gui’tar
Had to have one today
I give up eatin’
So you could play

You went on to Nashville
Made a big star
What you was here
Ain’t what you are

I ast for a house
I ast for a house
I ast for a house
I ast for a house

Where did you put me?
Where did you put me?

In a home!

I sit in a chair
At the end of a hall
They turn me twice daily
To stare at the wall

You damn well know’d
I’m scared to die
But you tol’ my doctor
Do not revive


Now I’m up yonder
Lookin’ at you
Ain’t no bugs here
We don’t get the flu

You lost your money
I’m happy to see
You go to your children
They say fiddle-de-dee


This is conceived as a rhythm-driven number, as much declaimed as sung.  A drummed echo follows each line of the verse.  Thus: Times were tough.  Te-tum  Te-tum.  In our part of town. Te-tum Te-tum. Etc.

Drumbeat is implied but not sounded in the chorus, which is a crescendo of choked outrage.  Each performer is encouraged to find within himself the best means of expressing same, giving each of the repeated lines a different and more apoplectic reading.

Lodestar Music

Olympia, Washington
December 18, 2007

©2021 Hal Dygert