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Hal Dygert, writer

Hal Dygert writes hard-boiled
crime stories set in his native
Pacific Northwest.

Sally Cleveland, 7 x 13 inches, oil on paper

“Ames reached into his pocket and drew out the money Boatwright had refused. ‘See this?’ Ames asked the two cops. He stooped and stuffed the bill into the front pocket of Boatwright’s suit pants. He looked up at the cops. ‘Make sure the money stays with him. Also, the watch and jewelry. You’re going to help Mr. Oland transport this ape down the back stairs. You’re going to retrieve your car, drive it into the alley, cuff our friend here, and load him into the back.‘

Is he under arrest?’ asked the taller cop.

‘Call it protective custody,’ Ames said.”

From The Other Side of the River. You can read an excerpt here.

©2021 Hal Dygert