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Heck Harper

From The Book of Ray

Heck Harper hosted an afternoon cartoon show on Portland TV. He wore full cowboy regalia, yet his habitual reserve brought to mind the phrase, “Still waters run deep.” He was Larry’s favorite, Mr. Moon a distant second.

Larry was new to the neighborhood, riding his bike to the local grocery, a route that took him past the house where Ray lived with his mother and sister.

Ray sat on his front step, reading the sports page. “Hey, kid,” Ray said, lowering the paper and calling over the top.

Larry stopped, straddling his bike in the middle of the street. “What?”

“Are you related to Heck Harper?” Ray asked.

“No,” Larry replied.

“You sure look like Heck,” Ray said and raised the paper.

Published inThe Book of Ray
©2021 Hal Dygert